Top 10 Practices and Tools for Landing Page Optimization

There is fierce competition in online marketing. To make your ad campaigns successful you have to wisely create and manage each and every step of the campaign. Landing page is one of the important aspects to get the desired result from ad campaigns. An enticing and optimized landing page is responsible to engage people for a long time and persuade them to make an action that ultimately converts a visitor into a buyer.  So if you give an appropriate importance to the landing page design and optimization, you will be rewarded with high conversion rate, lead generation, and sales.

Here are few points which will help you to improve the capacity of your landing page:

  1. Keep your landing page simple and appealing. Instead of making it overwhelmed with loads of content and information, try to convey your message with sweet and crisp content.
  2. Make your purpose clear and persuade your visitors to make an action with CTA button
  3. Don’t forget to make it responsive and mobile friendly so that no device user will be left unattended
  4. Add testimonial to show your potential and experience
  5. Inspire your visitors to share the page with their friends with social share button
  6. Make it SEO friendly
  7. Do A/B testing with different images, headlines, CTA buttons, layouts and more to find out which works better
  8. Most importantly, you should design landing page to meet the context of your ads.

Apart from these tricks, there are ample of tools available to create an amazing landing page to convert your ad campaigns into successful campaigns. Those tools are:

  1. Intercom

Use this one to collect feedback from users and thus introduce those words in to optimization of landing page.

  1. Taboola

Helps you to find and test the best-performance titles for your campaigns.

  1. Unbounce

One of the best landing page creator tools that allow you to create an enticing landing page with simple “drag and drop” method.

  1. com

Connects you with “testers” who will provide you real time analysis and written reports on your website and landing page that can be very helpful in A/B testing and landing page optimization

  1. CrazyEgg

Helps you to find out which landing pages are performing better to engage high number of audience. You can optimize the landing pages according to the user behaviour.

  1. Instapage

A popular landing page creator tool that has slightly limited number of free options but have cost-effective basic plan.

  1. Leadpages

Landing page software can be used to create landing pages in no time. You can unlock higher version of this software to use more features such as A/B testing and more.

  1. Optimizely

This is an A/B testing platforms where you can test different elements (such as images, CTAs, headline, etc.) that can be utilized to make the landing page better.

  1. Launch-rock

Create an appealing launch or coming soon landing page in a few simple steps. Choose the themes, which are available free as well as paid, as per your convenience and edit the messages. Now you are ready to go.

  1. 5 Second Test

This tool will help you to understand and analyze the performance of your landing page. You can know how much people understand your landing page quickly or what they learn with your content in few seconds or whether the landing page is able to tell the real story in no time or not.

  1. Hello Bar

It’s a thin bar floating on the top of your website. You can collect emails or showcase a message with this bar. You can use an attractive call to action button here or link it to your landing page directly.

  1. Olark

This is a live chat software solution that helps you to find out what actual visitors are thinking about your landing page. You can set up with various important questions that will be answered by real visitors and help you to optimize your landing page for them.

  1. Browser-shots

Helps you to check how your landing pages look in different browser so you could make changes accordingly.

  1. Visual Website Optimizer

It is a competitor of Optimizely where you can test the performance of your landing page with variation in elements.

  1. SumoMe

Let you use a suite of free tools having features of content analytics, sharing buttons, and contact forms. You can engage your audience even after they leave the landing page.

  1. io

Build a testing panel with Ethn.io for A/B testing of images, headlines, and CTAs based on your website visitors personas and target segments.

These tools will save you from sweat bath while creating and optimizing the landing pages and you will get time to concentrate on attracting traffic to your landing pages. Once you learn how to use these tools you will nail the art of high conversions, leads, and amazing ad campaigns results.

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