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Multiply your marketing efforts, operational efficiency, and business results with engaging videos

According to a survey, almost 50% of consumers make their decisions to purchase a product based on video. YouTube is the next most popular search engine after Google and can boost organic traffic tremendously. You can now imagine why video content is becoming the most versatile, powerful, and profitable digital marketing tool. If you haven’t started video marketing yet or you are not seeing any significant result in your efforts, 360 Digital Paths have exclusive video marketing strategies for you that will work well. Our creative team can curate the ideas and content specific for your business and your customers.  Let’s make your online presence more strong with enticing and engaging video marketing strategy.

Video Marketing Expertise

Brand Overview Videos

Take your audience, clients, and partners to a tour of your company to ensure you are capable of doing more than their expectations. It will include:

  • Homepage company video
  • Company history documentaries
  • Website background videos
  • Brand story
  • Annual recap videos
  • Company milestones
  • Brand background videos
  • Recruiting and training videos
  • Internal/external culture videos

Product & Service Video

Make the promotions and descriptions of your products or services enticing with video marketing and capture everyone’s interest that will be focused on:

  • Key benefits of your products or services
  • In-depth Products/service demonstration
  • Launch of new products/services

Testimonial Videos

Real life experience by your customers increases the credibility of your brand and makes a positive brand image.

  • Make a video focused on your customer’s experience
  • Show how you helped your customers
  • Video will help in buying cycle

Case Studies Videos

Nothing will impact greater than showing your customer’s experience to your prospects. Create a case study video focused on:

  • Customer success
  • Your efforts
  • The end result

Trade Show / Event Videos

Share something important and valuable to your audience, partners, clients, associates, and media for creating a positive impacts and trust. It will include

  • Corporate sponsored events video
  • Informational and marketing videos from large show or events
  • Live streaming of events and interviews

Video Marketing Benefits For Businesses


Influence Buying decisions of consumers


Easy to integrate with website, blogs, emails, etc.


Improve your website ranking


Increase dwell time of your website


Boost CTR, leads, conversions, sales, and profits


Generate 1200% more shares than text

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