PPC- Paid Ads For Quick Results

Drive more visitors, Generate Leads, and increase conversion within your budget

PPC (Pay Per Click) is a paid online advertising approach where you only have to pay for the clicks you will get on your ads. You can set your budget as per your preferences. This technique will help you to achieve significant results in brand awareness, visitors, impressions, conversions, sales, and leads in short span of time. 360 Digital Paths have an extensive experience to create and manage result-driven PPC campaigns that will allow your business to flourish and grow exponentially. You will have proper reports and statistics for campaign analysis of your campaigns and can modify these accordingly for better results.

360 Digital Paths’s PPC Service

Google Ads Service

  • Increase your visibility and ranking when someone will search offering like yours
  • Drive website visitors, increase shop visits, or get more phone calls

Yahoo Ads Service

  • Fill the gap in your online presence and complement your business with engaging ads
  • Easy to set up, easy to manage, and cost effective paid online advertising technique
  • Get a new brand image through relevant visitors, high conversions and, quality leads

Bing Ads Service

  • Generate a significant amount of visitors and leads by investing little amount
  • Target users based on location, device, demographics, and time of day

Social Media Ads Service

  • Drive impactful business growth through social media networks
  • Reach right people with right content at right time through social media advertising

Amazon Ads Service

  • Attract, engage, and convert Amazon customers
  • Improve your visibility on product page with product ads
  • Influence customer’s loyalty with multi-page store on Amazon

Mobile Ads Services

  • Helps your customers to connect with your brand directly
  • Broadcast your mobile ads to the entire country or region for better reach
  • Control your budget for mobile advertising anytime
  • Track the performance of each mobile ads easily

Affiliate Marketing Ads

  • Promote and sell your offerings on commission based payment model
  • Choose your partners as per your preferences
  • Pay only for performance and sell
  • Create valuable back-links to your websites

What Else You Will Get:


PPC Campaign Management, Monitoring, and Optimization


Comprehensive digital competitor analysis for search term, search volumes, revenue, cost per lead goals, competitors’ investment approach, and more.


Creating custom data driven ads based on in-depth market research


PPC Ad Campaign tracking and analysis


Paid Search campaigns including display ads, remarketing ads, retargeted ads campaigns


Paid advertising across multiple channels

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