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Find new customers, build engagement, and create brand awareness

Thanks to internet and technology, nowadays, almost everyone has email access on the phone. Email has become one of the quickest ways to reach people in no time. However, people tend to ignore mails because of a number of emails in mailbox, most of them are promotional and spam. That’s why email marketing has become tricky these days. It must be carried in a way to attract and engage people in seconds.

Here is why we came up with the unique email marketing services specific for your brand. Our experts know how to create and manage email campaigns that can drive maximum number of users and produce a significant result in leads and conversion.

360 Digital Paths’s Email Marketing Solutions

Newsletter e-Mail Marketing

  • Create an effective email newsletter campaign
  • Keep updating your audience with news, tips and new offerings
  • Send sale promotions, helpful articles, and fun advice
  • Keep your audience connected, engaged, and informed
  • Drive traffic, sales, and leads to your website

Blog e-Mail Marketing

  • Email campaigns to describe and promote your upcoming and newly published blog
  • Send a roundup of blogs or stories published weekly/monthly
  • Send a brief but descriptive emails for blog promotion
  • Increase engagement and visitors to your blog page

Promotional e-Mail Marketing

  • Promote your products or services to the potential customers
  • Share coupons, offer discounts, admittance to invitation for an event, give access to exclusive content, and more
  • Drive your prospects to the conversion through the sales funnel

Special Offers e-Mail Marketing

  • Enlighten your audience with new & special offers, sales, and discounts
  • Create interest of your audience in your brand
  • Entice your subscribers to purchase and refer your products to others

Referral e-Mail Marketing

  • Create and send referral program emails to your customers
  • Spread awareness of your referral programs
  • Go ahead with referral program follow-up emails
  • End Referral advocacy email to multiply the efficiency

Post Purchase e-Mail Marketing

  • Email to Follow up to a purchase
  • Build brand loyalty
  • Deliver value after the sale has been made

The Email Marketing Benefits


Personalized messages for audience- Deliver targeted and personalized messages to the global audience and an already engaged audience


Effortless Campaign Management- Easy to start, easy to share, easy to track, and easy to measure the performance of email campaigns


Low investment and high return- Most effective marketing channel to entice users and get fantastic return on investment.

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