4 Free Digital Marketing Tools Crucial for Small Businesses

Small businesses need to manage money efficiently for success in business. Digital marketing is one of the important way to find success and more profit in online business. It gives a great exposure to the businesses to attract and engage people from all around the globe. Digital marketing campaigns let you connect and communicate with the right people and nurture your business. Moreover, you can go cost-effective with various online tools available which is free and easy to use. Here are 4 important and free online digital marketing tools introduced by Google:

Google My Business

A free digital marketing tool from Google that helps small businesses to make their visibility strong on Google Search and Google Map. You can create and customize listings for your business with the necessary information about your business like a brief introduction, Business Address, Business phone Numbers, Social Media Links, opening hours, Posts, photos, and reviews.

 What benefits you will get from Google My Business Tool:

  • People will get to know “who you are, what you do, and how to reach you”.
  • You can get information about the people, who are searching for your business, who showed interest in your business by clicking on your website, phone numbers, and contact details.
  • People can read reviews and share their views about your business easily.
  • You can increase your credibility among your audience.

Google Ads (Or Google Ad-words)

This is a great free online advertising tool helping you to attract people who are searching product or services or businesses like yours on Google. With analysis of data provided by the tools, you can create a strategy dedicated for your business and audience. You can customize your ads according to region and target people of certain areas. Start your campaign in few steps only:

  • Create ads,
  • Choose keywords,
  • Set daily maximum budget, and
  • Set end and start date.

Google Analytics

With Google Analytics tool you can track your website’s performance and your user’s behavior. You can align your marketing strategy and website structure according to these data. This tool will help you to track information like:

  • Who are visiting your site
  • How they are interacting with your business
  • They belong to which city or country
  • How much time they are spending
  • What parts of the website they click
  • What are the common paths they usually follow while surfing your website
  • And more

Accordingly you can change your site’s designs, improve the particular pages people are visiting more often, create social media campaign, and more.

Google Digital Unlocked

Online business needs strong online marketing technique. With this tool you can keep yourself more informed and improve your skills by learning:

  • How to make the most of the social networks
  • How to sell more products online
  • How to turn data into profitable insights
  • How to build an online shop
  • How to do great with search ads

You can be pioneer in your niche if you learn how to control flow of money and how to make more with the little investment. These free tools are certainly cost-effective and helpful in bringing fortune to your online presence and thus business.

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